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A vast percentage of your audience is online. Social media is not only about reaching out to them – it’s about engaging them with timely messages that are relevant to them, that give them the opportunity to support the growth and success of your organization. Social media is now the top way to engage people where they spend their time online.

Tips for Social Media Success


  1. Know your audience. Create examples of the people in your top target audiences – What are their own goals? What generation are they from? What are their interests? What are their challenges that you can help solve? (In corporate marketing these are called “buyer personas” – we call them donor, volunteer or client personas – stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on personas!).Tailor social media posts so they appeal to these interests.
  2. Learn more about the social behaviors of your target audience(s). What times of the day are they liking, sharing and commenting on posts? What kinds of posts are they responding to most (photos, industry articles, infographics, etc.)? Fine tune your posting content and timing – give them more of what resonates with them!
  3. Brand your pages. Make sure branding is consistent across all platforms – use the same logo, images, voice, etc. across all of your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest profiles.
  4. Make sure you’re findable. Include social media icons and links on your website and marketing materials to invite stakeholders (and friends!) to become your fans.
  5. Engage your fans – start conversations. Ask for input from the community, post open-response questions, or ask your fans to share photos relating to a specific campaign.
  6. Share news about your organization and your industry. Curating news articles, blog posts and industry observations will position you as a leader within your industry and as a resource for your audience.
  7. Target followers and potential followers with paid advertisements. Paid Facebook ads are a high value way to deliver a specific message to a precise demographic, including those who don’t already follow/like your page.
  8. Update often. Try to post at least once per day on Facebook, and three times per day on Twitter. Scheduling posts ahead of time can make this easier, as can sharing relevant content from other community and national organizations.
  9. Set goals. Do you want to increase followers? Drive donors to a donation page? Sell tickets to an event? Decide what will benefit your organization most.
  10. Track your results. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and third-party sites such as Hootsuite, Sprout and Buffer can help you assess your progress over the course of social media campaigns.

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