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LinkedIn is a unique platform in more than a few ways. Just remember these three keys and your organization will be navigating the “the world’s largest professional network” like, well… professionals.

1. Take the lead – position the leader of your organization as an influencer

LinkedIn is a platform for individuals. What that means is that, although your organization can have a page, organizations cannot publish articles, organizations cannot engage with posts (comment, like, share), and organizations cannot invite people to follow the page. Because of this it is crucial to leverage your organization’s leaders and their personal accounts. Try (or suggest to them) these opportunities to lead and engage:

  • Invite people to follow the organization’s page
  • Share the organization’s posts. Tag any contacts for whom the post may be particularly relevant (find out how here)
  • Engage with (comment, like, share) the posts of other influential individuals in your community and industry – from local to national
  • “Write an article”

2. Tagging

Tagging is your best friend when posting from your nonprofit’s account. Recognizing your key stakeholders is just as important online as it is in ‘real life’! Highlight your partner organizations, fellow industry leaders, local businesses, employees and volunteers. Tagging people and organizations is a highly effective strategy for increasing your reach and spreading awareness.

3. Hashtags

That’s right, hashtags do exist on LinkedIn! There are three main reasons to use hashtags:

  • Since people click and explore hashtags, your posts can result in new followers for your organization. Keep your hashtags specific and don’t forget your local tags like #SantaBarbara.
  • Hashtags on LinkedIn are included in search engine indexing. Your use of hashtags may help your LinkedIn content show up in someone’s google search.
  • Even the simple fact that you’ve employed a hashtag strategy shows your audience that you’re participating in larger dialogues. It will help frame your organization as an industry expert.

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