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Social media has become a cornerstone of the digital age, with the majority of American adults using some combination of social networking sites. But your content can easily get lost in the streams of information overload. Recognizing and giving back to your followers is important for your organization, and a great way to engage them with your content.

They like you! Here are 7 easy ways to return the favor and show your social media followers a little extra appreciation and love.

  1. Understand the demographics of your audience, and cater content accordingly. Consumers digest and appreciate content more when it is relevant to their interests or lifestyle. Don’t post about a young professionals only networking event when your audience consists of mostly those over the age of 55. Your followers will thank you when the content you provide feels like it is catered to them.
  2. Identify your champions. Go through your notifications and statistics to see who has been liking, commenting and sharing your content. Send your most engaged followers a special note to let them know that you appreciate their support.
  3. Make it a 2-way conversation. Let your followers know you are listening by responding to comments in a timely manner, addressing concerns and providing additional resources. Social media is a great platform to connect with your supporters on a more personal level, so make the most of these interactions.
  4. Retweet or share your followers’ content. Just as the conversation shouldn’t be one-way, neither should the engagement! Show your supporters some love by liking, commenting, or sharing relevant content that they Altruism goes a long way in building a social media following.
  5. Keep the “mix” engaging. Don’t make your content strictly “call-to-action” posts. Your followers will be more likely to respond to donation or volunteer calls when they appear only every so often. Be sure to mix in more lifestyle-oriented posts and links to interesting news content.
  6. Post appealing content. Keep your content innovative, interesting, and in line with your message. Having consistency in your voice is very important, but so is providing variety. Don’t let your followers feel like they keep seeing the same old message over and over again.
  7. Say “Thank You.” Everyone wants to feel appreciated and saying “Thank You” is the easiest way to do that. Post a shout-out to your most active supporters, sponsors and community partners and tag them in the post. Alternatively, you can personalize your “Thank You” notes by posting them directly on the recipient’s page. Either way, showing a little gratitude can go a long way to keep your supporters happy.

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