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Storytelling: Success Through Successes

Uninvited but definitely welcome, a playful shelter dog I had out for a walk gently rested his head on my thigh as we took a breather on the steps of a storefront along the path. “Hondo,” a pit bull mix, dropped his head with a light sigh. His eyes glossed over into...

Add Some AP Style to Your 2017

Happy New Year! It’s always refreshing to see the Earth’s odometer roll back around to January 1. Or should I say “Jan. 1st?” I could also be a little more formal and spell it out completely as “January the First” in celebration of what will be a grand lineage of 2017 dates.

Are You Prepared for a Press-Perfect Event?

After months of planning, your speakers are ready with talking points in hand, elected officials are there dressed to the nines and the venue is looking immaculate. Congratulations! Your event – whether it’s a ground breaking or awards ceremony – is off to the perfect start.

A Look Inside the Newsroom

If there’s one thing that’s in short supply inside the average newsroom, it’s time. Reporters and editors for newspapers and news websites, as well as broadcast journalists, wake up each day with email accounts, voicemail boxes, postal boxes, personal calendars and social media accounts filled with story ideas easily worth their time to look into and produce a news account.

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