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6 Common Google Ads Mistakes

The world of paid search marketing is dominated by Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) followed distantly by Bing and Yahoo.[1] Here are 6 common mistakes we’re finding that organizations make with their Google Ads accounts, and how to fix them: These tips are for...

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Twitter Journalism

Twitter never sleeps (not unlike many journalists). And as an aspiring journalist myself, I’ve found it fascinating to witness the trend of writers, reporters, editors, and photographers using the platform to inform the public. Journalists are harnessing their...

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Marketing to Generation Z

My name is Talia. I am 21-year-old Digital Marketing Intern at SurfMedia Communications and I am a Gen Zer. Although an abundance of articles have been written about marketing to millennials, there has been a void in content relating to Generation Z, the population...

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3 Ways to Leverage Your Nonprofit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a unique platform in more than a few ways. Just remember these three keys and your organization will be navigating the “the world's largest professional network” like, well… professionals. 1. Take the lead - position the leader of your organization as an...

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Who are you? Brand Consistency for Nonprofits

The average North American consumes over 10 hours of media per day! With so much branded content and so many logos, ads, and slogans popping up every day, it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the masses. Nonprofits have the added challenge of promoting...

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