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C3H homeless survey

Results of the recent homeless survey in Santa Barbara County were released on Monday.

Organizers say the numbers are pretty similar to the homeless counts in 2011 and 2013, with 1,455 people surveyed this year. The majority, 893, are in Santa Barbara.

Most of the homeless in the county live either on the street or at a shelter. The average age is 43, and three-quarters of the homeless population in Santa Barbara County is male.

The results of the survey are used to identify ways to help the homeless in the county, which include a new project called the Landlord Liaison program.

“Incentives for the landlords are really constant income, so if you’re going to take someone from the streets on they might have a voucher, so you’re kinda guaranteed income,” said Jeff Shaffer, Central Coast Collaborative on Homelessness Coordinator.

More than 600 volunteers fanned out across the county in January to conduct the survey

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