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As health-care and insurance costs are at the center of much media attention right now, CenCal Health would like to share some information that can impact the physical and financial health of all of us regardless of health insurance status.

Healthy children are more likely to become healthy adults. Healthy habits should begin at birth, and we believe an investment in our youngest members leads to a healthier life. Proactively caring for our young also helps to mitigate future health issues including long-term disease such as diabetes and heart disease, and the need for costly prescription drugs.

Through its Live Better, Make a Change program, CenCal Health provides its members with resources and information for healthy eating and exercise. Parents are encouraged to commit to making healthy changes. CenCal Health promotes four important steps for children and families to live healthier lives. These steps include:

1) Drinking less soda or none at all. High soda consumption is one of the leading causes of obesity in children and adults.

» 2) Cutting back on TV to two hours or less. Sedentary children are not healthy children.

» 3) Getting one hour of exercise each day. Whether it’s riding a bike, playing outside with friends or taking a family walk, kids need to “move” in order to remain healthy.

» 4) Eating five or more fruits and vegetables each day. This is a tough one for kids, but if parents can incorporate vegetables into their meals and introduce healthy snacks as the only alternative then their children will learn to eat and even like these foods. They will feel better, too!

Childhood obesity is the No. 1 threat to our children’s health and one of the biggest contributors to this disease is the amount of sugar, especially through soda and sweetened drinks.

“It’s very simple. If parents could help reduce the amount of sugar and sugary soda their kids consume — even by 50 percent — it would have a tremendous positive impact on our entire health-care system — now and especially in the future,” said Bob Freeman, CenCal Health CEO.

CenCal Health has also been partnering with Network for a Healthy California and Partners for Fit Youth to promote the campaign called “Rethink your Drink,” to reduce soda consumption and overweight.


— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing CenCal Health.

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