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On Aug. 9, the steering committee of Compassionate Care of Carpinteria (CCC) hosted a public breakfast at the Woman’s Club to update the community on the expansion of programs and services.

“The patient care services provided by CCC bring a range of care into the home of individuals and families who are struggling with the hardships that come with a life-threatening illness,” said Marybeth Carty, steering committee chair, following the breakfast. “Respite and practical services, counseling and assistance with navigating resources are just some of the many services the caring staff and volunteers from Hospice of Santa Barbara bring into Carpinteria homes. Best of all, all these services are free.”

In one such case, as described in a CCC press release, a Carpinteria-resident named Mary (last name withheld), was faced with the challenge of providing fulltime care to her ailing mother. For Mary, CCC was life changing. “I had no one to help me and I was afraid to leave my mom alone, … I had to quit my job and stay with her,” Mary said. A CCC social worker visited Mary and her family and outlined a plan for them. “After they listened to our anxieties and concerns, they worked with us to develop specific plans for my mom and her immediate and long-term needs, as well as ours,” said Mary. “One day we were feeling helpless and alone and then suddenly there was a team of caring professionals working with us as a team.”

CCC is an initiative of Hospice of Santa Barbara. The organization’s aim is to support families when they are experiencing difficult periods in life, to lessen the burden so that healing can begin. To learn more call 563-8820 or visit

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