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Emergency Preparedness Important for All; Crucial to Senior Safety

Parsons House Preston Hollow offers Resource Guide & Care Plan, and tips for seniors and caregivers

Recent rolling blackouts and severe weather remind us that planning for emergencies is important for everyone in our community, and that our senior loved ones may need more assistance to plan ahead to stay healthy and safe. In many cases, it may take longer for seniors needing to evacuate or respond to an emergency and they may not be equipped to do so without assistance.  Having a set plan that all parties (seniors, children, caregivers, etc.) can refer to is not just helpful, it can save a life.  Parsons House Preston Hollow, an assisted living and memory care community, is expert in all matters concerning senior citizens and would like to share these tips on emergency preparedness with the community.

If your senior loved one lives alone, here are some tips to help make sure they are prepared for an emergency:

1)      Keep a supply of items they might need, such as liquids (at least a 3 day supply), daily medications, non-perishable and easy to prepare food and water enough for at least three days, disposable adult diapers, and cash somewhere readily accessible in case of emergency.
2)      Make sure identification is on their person, especially if the individual has Dementia or is easily confused.
3)      Make sure they are equipped for power outages by having a back-up generator, at a minimum a flashlight for each room of the house or a place to go to if the power does go out for an extended period of time.
4)      Have a transportation plan in place in case of evacuation.
5)      Have an Elder/Caregiver Resource Guide or other document that includes all of one’s information in one place, such as their: health, medical and legal information, and the contact information of family members and close friends.  This way, they can quickly access any of this information during an emergency and have it with them if evacuation is needed.

To keep your elder loved ones safe, have a conversation with them to make sure they are prepared in case an emergency does occur.

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