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PG-GC_TeaPartyFrom left, Celyne Demonteverde, Dos Pueblos High School Dream Team member and Dream Foundation Youth Advisory Committee liaison for Flower Empower; Betty Dominguez, Flower Empower volunteer; Bea Molina, Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care volunteer coordinator and Flower Empower volunteer; and Valerie Banks, founder of the Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program. (Garden Court photo)

By Flannery Hill for Garden Court | Published on 11.15.2013 9:51 a.m.

On Nov. 7, Garden Court senior residents honored the Dream Foundation and its Flower Empower program with certificates of appreciation during their monthly tea party.

In attendance was Valerie Banks, founder of the Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program, and Dream Foundation staff and volunteers.

Garden Court senior residents enjoy their partnership with Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program, where residents are taught how to make beautiful bouquets for the community.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Tea Party theme was Pilgrims and Indians, with residents and their honored guests enjoying hot tea, sweet treats and the lively company of multigenerational Dream Foundation volunteers. Residents and their visitors also danced to husband-and-wife duo Trudy and Oscar.

Many of Garden Court’s 97 seniors, 62 years of age or older, are longtime Santa Barbara area residents who worked all their lives serving the Santa Barbara community as laborers, nurses, business owners and teachers. These residents are spending their golden years as an active part of the community they helped to shape and tend. Some residents have moved to Santa Barbara in more recent years to be closer to families who live here, and to enjoy those relationships without “becoming a burden.”

Garden Court is dedicated to providing opportunities for residents to connect with the community by bringing in groups to engage with the residents at Garden Court. Residents also participate in the Santa Barbara community in other ways, such as volunteering and fundraising for local charities.


— Flannery Hill is a publicist representing Garden Court.


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