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Most nonprofits understand what makes a strong end-of-year appeal letter, such as using real examples that is illustrative of one or more of your core services.  Also, that first person letters or quotes from clients can be extremely powerful and the importance of a clear ask and multiple ways to give.

But what about other activities that help support your appeal?  Here are a few additional tips to reinforce and strengthen your year-end giving campaign with traditional public relations and social media.

Before you send out your year-end giving letter:

  • Be clear about your fundraising goals and how money will be used
  • Time news stories that feature the positive impacts your organization has on real people to run a week or two before the mailing
  • Plan a series of social media posts that highlight the campaign objectives with links to your donor page on your website

After your year-end appeal campaign

  • Duplicate your fundraising letter in an e-blast and send to everyone on your email list with links to your donor page on your website
  • Provide language and images for corporate supporters about their gift that they may use in newsletters, on their website and social media
  • Write and mail hand-written thank-you letters to your supporters
  • Create social media “shout outs” to supporters (and make sure you tag them, if applicable)
  • Increase excitement and buzz with community updates as you get closer to reaching goals

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