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In PR, timing is everything in terms of securing excellent media coverage. From planning your media campaign to knowing when to release an announcement, the time of -day,-week, and month– can make or break your story.

Daily: Lead time is very important for a well-written piece. Got breaking news? Early bird gets the worm. It’s best to send your press release out in the morning so journalists have more time to write their story to make the next day’s news.

Weekly: If you have some time to play with, offer reporters at least one week lead time — you’re more likely to land both a story and perhaps a follow-up interview. The day of the week you send out your release also matters. A good rule of thumb is to send out your press release on a Monday or Tuesday, when reporters and editors are looking for stories.

Monthly: When timing your press release or pitch, you should always look at target publications’ editorial calendars. High profile publications typically plan issues five to six months out, while other monthly magazines set their deadlines roughly three months before publishing. You’ll want to get in touch with these publications well in advance!

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