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Mental Health Association Receives Reinvestment Grant from

Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara

Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara awards Mental Health Association $40,000 to combat homelessness in second grant installment

June 28, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA—Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara (SVPSB) is pleased to announce the Mental Health Association in Santa Barbara County as one of its 2011 SVPSB re-investees. This marks the second installment of a grant award created by SVPSB in 2010 to combat homelessness in Santa Barbara. The grant was created to fund unique and high impact new initiatives in organizations that seek to create long-term positive social change in our community.

SVPSB recently awarded the Mental Health Association a grant in the amount of $40,000 for 2011. In 2010, MHA received a grant of $25,000 from SVPSB as the first part of its investment in the organization.

In their continued efforts to identify critical community needs, SVPSB selected homelessness and the lack of transitional and low-income housing as the focus for their 2010 and 2011 giving cycles. Through grant-making and leveraging its intellectual capital, SVPSB seek sustainable permanent solutions with visible outcomes that provide measurable change and betterment that lasts and transforms the organizations it invests in.

“Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara chose to back organizations that can truly make a difference and are model programs to emulate,” said Joan Young, Executive Director of SVPSB. “The Mental Health Association/SVPSB partnership is a strong one, and we look forward to progress in our second year.”

The Mental Health Association provides supportive, affordable housing at three Santa Barbara locations, including its new building on Garden Street, which provides 51 apartment units designated for people living with mental illness and low-income downtown workers.

“The first grant we received from the Partners allowed us continue our important work in the community during difficult economic times, to provide services for community members affected by mental illness, one of the most prevalent root causes of homelessness,” said Annmarie Cameron, Executive Director of Mental Health Association. “As we look forward to increasing our positive impact for the long term, we are extremely grateful for the unique support the Partners provide us with.”

The SVPSB funds and expertise are being used to implement a business plan which diversifies the Mental Health Association’s funding sources, offers expanded employment services to adults living with a mental health disorder and to coordinate more effectively with other homeless and mental health organizations.

SVPSB has added a new area of focus – green energy and the environment – for its 2011 investments. Organizations receiving first time grants are the Community Environmental Council and Art From Scrap.

About Social Venture Partners Santa Barbara

SVPSB is a network of accomplished individuals who combine the power of business with the passion of giving, building a dynamic connection between entrepreneurial energy and grassroots innovation, to make a hands-on difference. Partners join an exciting and stimulating network of like-minded individuals, with a wide range of experience in charitable giving, who decide together how to leverage their pool of expertise and money to support collaborative solutions to social challenges. Foundation Partners include the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the Gildea Foundation. SVPSB is a field of interest fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation and was officially chartered in October 2008.

About Mental Health Association in Santa Barbara County

The Mental Health Association is a private, non-profit organization providing support, housing and advocacy to adults and families affected by severe mental illness. For more information about mental health services available in Santa Barbara County, please call the Mental Health Association at (805) 884-8440 or visit

For more information on these grants and their process, please contact Joan Young, Executive Director of Social Ventura Partners Santa Barbara, at [email protected] or visit


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