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‘Tis the season to be jolly and strategy-savvy when it comes to your public relations opportunities this month.

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating this year, you should be thinking about ways to boost your organization’s exposure and maximize your PR experience. Below are some tips on how you can do just that:

Keep your content consistent. Though you and your team will undoubtedly take some days off this month, that doesn’t mean your content should take a break. In fact, you’ll find that many social media users tend to be more active on social networking platforms over the holiday season. Take advantage of this by coming up with content and/or social media posts to increase engagement with your audience. Map out and post your content in advance by using a planning calendar.

Deck the walls with holiday themes. You may want to consider adding holiday-themed elements into your photos, articles, blog posts, digital marketing, etc. This can be as simple as wishing your contacts a “Happy Holidays!”, refreshing your Facebook cover photo with a holiday-friendly look or engaging your audience with an online poll about their favorite holiday traditions.

Silent Night. Avoid making any major announcements until after the hullabaloo of the season. Because December tends to be a hectic month for nearly everyone, your big news may go largely unnoticed by your audience or members of the media. Wait until January before pitching or publishing your major, attention-grabbing announcements.

Evergreen stories. But even if you are saving your big announcements for a later date, this doesn’t mean you can’t pitch other story ideas. Each year, the media will always, always publish holiday-themed stories. Even last-minute holiday tips relevant to your mission are often welcome. Get more exposure by crafting unique, newsworthy angles for your organization or programs.

New Year, new plans. Make a resolution to start planning your public relations goals for the new year. Think about what worked well this year as well as what strategies may need some tweaking. Write down your goals for 2018 and plan out your steps for following through with them.

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