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Published on 12.16.2013 6:17 p.m.

[Note: The Foodbank reported Tuesday that the matching cap has been met, and any further donations made to the website will not be matched.]

Tragically, for some children and families in our community, the question is not what to eat, but will we eat? The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is playing a major role in ensuring children, families and individuals have enough healthy food and tools such as nutrition education to be nourished and healthy.

An opportunity this holiday season to help the Foodbank continue providing nutritious food and resources is the online “Give a Meal Campaign.” From now until Jan. 10, each donation to the “Give a Meal Campaign” will be triple matched up to $1,000 per individual gift.

The Foodbank is calling for 100 individuals or families to donate $1,000 each to reach the $100,000 goal, which translates into $300,000 through the match. The Foodbank welcomes donations of any amount. The campaign is in partnership with Bank of America and Feeding America.

How to:

» Click here and then click the “give” button to donate.

» Use a credit card with a Santa Barbara County billing ZIP code.

» Mark the donation option that states “Your Local Food Bank” and enter your information.

» Click “Submit” and forward your donation confirmation email to[email protected].

“Foodbank wishes to give a special thanks to Bank of America and Feeding America for this generous matching opportunity,” said Erik Talkin, CEO of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. “Let’s help children and families be nourished and healthy all year long.”

Please note that in order to keep donations local, participants must have a Santa Barbara County ZIP code. Those with billing ZIP codes outside of Santa Barbara County do not qualify for the triple match toward the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. The match opportunity applies to individual donations up to $1,000. It does not apply to corporate donors or foundations.

For more information, click here or contact Diane Durst at [email protected] or 805.967.5741 x104 for details.


— Candice Tang Nyholt is a publicist representing the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.


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