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The Alternate Giving and Panhandling Education Campaign, ‘Real Change, Not Spare Change’ was launched in April this year as a way of providing education and for people to redirect their generosity to better help those in need in our community. The money that has been generated goes to street outreach programs that connect the homeless and those with substance abuses to services aimed to get them off the street and rebuild their lives. The campaign has invited local businesses to participate by giving a percentage of their proceeds in one of the ‘Real Change Days’ or by placing counter top donation container or literature about the campaign. Among the most innovative ideas it has been a mobile giving option where people can immediately donate $5 to support street outreach programs, by sending the text message ‘ChangeSB’ to 85944 from their mobile phones. Despite the fact many businesses have already joined more are needed to get the word out, generate more funds and make a greater impact on the homeless problem.


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