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Hundreds of culinary students supported since 2006


(photo from left to right) – Vanessa Patterson, Executive Director, SBCC Foundation; Dr.
Marianne Kugler, SBCC Board of Trustees; Madeleine Jacobson, SBCC Foundation Board
President; Dana Newquist, Trustee, Barker Foundation; Lori Gaskin, Ph.D., SBCC
Superintendent-President; Marsha S. Croninger, President, SBCC Board of Trustees

The SBCC Foundation has exciting news to ring in the New Year; recently SBCC’s School of
Culinary Arts received a $400,000 grant from the Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation to
support scholarships for culinary students. Since 2006, the Barker Foundation has donated
$600,000 to the School of Culinary Arts at SBCC with the final disbursement marking
$1,000,000 in gifts to date.

These funds continue to enable deserving, motivated students to pursue their dream in the
hospitality industries, vital to our local economy. These are low-income students, many who
would not have been able to pay for tuition or course materials on their own. The costs
associated with the program include books, knives, and other essential cooking supplies – often
these costs exceed even the cost of tuition.

Dana Newquist, a Board Member of the Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation since 2002, made
the final disbursement on behalf of the Barker Foundation through the SBCC Foundation. “Coeta
had a deep appreciation for the culinary arts and formed a connection with the Santa Barbara
City College program,” said Newquist. “She enjoyed the fine meals prepared by students served
on campus at the John Dunn Gourmet Dining Room and encouraged them to pursue their

“We are so thankful to the Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation and their Board for carrying on
the legacy of philanthropy the Barker’s embodied,” said Madeleine Jacobson, SBCC Foundation
Board President. “Our future generation of chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality professionals will
be able to receive the training and education necessary to embark on their next exciting

About the Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation
The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation was established in 1981 by Donald Barker, who was a
successful entrepreneur in Eugene Oregon. He set up the Foundation to benefit charities he cared
about after the discovery of his cancer. After passing in 1982, his wife Coeta endorsed Donald’s
passion and decided to return to her home in the California Desert, settling in Rancho Mirage.
Coeta also loved Santa Barbara where the two would often vacation. In the mid 1990’s Coeta
purchased a home in the region and became involved with Santa Barbara Charities.

Coeta died unexpectedly in 2005, but before she passed, she made her wishes known to the
Board that she wanted to bequest $1,000,000 to her favorite programs and charities, one of which
was the Santa Barbara City College School of Culinary Arts.

The Bequest began in 2006 with a target of $100,000 per given year. Prior to the final
disbursement, the Barker Foundation had given $600,000.

The Board decided earlier this year to complete the pledge and recently presented a check for
$400,000 to the program.

About the SBCC Foundation
The mission of the SBCC Foundation is to support SBCC students and programs through
sustained philanthropy. For more information, call (805) 730-4401 or visit

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