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edhat_logoupdated: Aug 26, 2015, 9:30 AM

Source: Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

History was made in our community on August 15-16, 2015 when in a single weekend, 101 cats and kittens found homes!! This represents the highest number of cats and kittens ever adopted in Santa Barbara County in a single weekend, and was the result of a first time countywide collaboration between the Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP), Santa Barbara County Animal Services, and the county’s three private humane societies.

ASAP, the nonprofit organization which cares for the cats at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter in Goleta, pioneered the free adoption weekend for cats five years ago with the support of Santa Barbara County Animal Services. This year, ASAP was thrilled to have the two north county shelters in Lompoc and Santa Maria, as well as the Santa Barbara, Santa Maria Valley, and Santa Ynez Valley Humane Societies, join the adoption promotion this year. On August 15-16, the six primary shelters and adoption centers in Santa Barbara County offered qualified adopters the opportunity to take home an adult cat for FREE-and indeed they did-to the tune of 101 cats and kittens finding homes!!

“The life-saving impact of adoption weekends like this is immeasurable,” according to ASAP’s Executive Director, Angela Walters Rockwell, “because it opens up space in our crowded shelters during the peak season when our area shelters are overwhelmed with cats and kittens arriving daily.”

Several very memorable adoptions occurred, including some of longest term shelter cats finally finding their forever homes. A huge, brown tabby named Louie, who was a special project between ASAP and SBHS found an absolutely brilliant match with his new adoptive family. Louie was previously transferred to ASAP where his special behavior needs were addressed and his frustration was channeled into stimulating activities. Just prior to adoption, Louie was featured on KEYT news doing one of his famous “roll over” tricks on command! Louie has already settled into his new home with his adoptive parents and is quickly teaching their three dogs some new tricks!

Participating shelters in 2015 included:

  • ASAP, 5473 Overpass Rd., Goleta, 805-683-3368
  • Santa Barbara Humane Society, 5399 Overpass Rd., Goleta, 805-964-4777
  • La Paws (Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, Lompoc), 1501 W. Central Ave., Lompoc, 805-737-7755
  • Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society, 111 Commerce St. Buellton, 805-688-8224
  • Santa Maria Animal Center, 548 W. Foster Rd., Santa Maria, 805-934-6119
  • Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, 1687 W. Stowell Rd., Santa Maria, 805-349-3435


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