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SBCC Foundation Working To Keep Students In School

SANTA BARBARA – The Foundation for Santa Barbara City College received a $250,000 anonymous matching gift and will use that money to give to students in need.

In the next six weeks, the foundation is working to raise $750,000 through the Campaign for Student Success that will be used for programs and scholarships.

Mynor Chavez is one of those students who have received much needed money.

Six years ago, he emigrated from Guatemala with his younger brother and left behind a hard life no teenager should have to go through. He became a legal citizen and graduated from San Marcos High School.

Chavez had dreams of a college degree.

“But unfortunately the financial part got in the way,” he said. “I remember one day my father and I met at the table and we were discussing how we were going to do it, to go to college and we came to the conclusion that college wasn’t going to be an option.”

Chavez knew his only choice was to get a job until one day in high school he heard about the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College’s scholarship opportunities. He applied and received the money he needed to register for his first college classes.

He is now 21 years old and has received $6,000 for tuition, books and money to help with rent.

“This not only changed my life, it changed the life of my family,” Chavez said.

80 percent of the students at City College work, so getting extra money can help them complete their degree.

“I have a couple other jobs other than school and it’s just been a big help to cut down on the number of hours at my jobs and more time that I can spend studying for classes,” said Danielle Netko. She received the Adopt-A-Student scholarship last year to help with this semester’s fees.

The Foundation Executive Director Vanessa Patterson said she is amazed by the dedication of the students who get a helping hand.

“These are student who work so hard, they have such big dreams and they are so committed to academic and career excellence,” she said.

Chavez is the first one in his family to ever attend college and is now inspiring his siblings to follow in his footsteps.

“If you could be in my skin, if you could feel how grateful and how thankful I feel to this foundation, you would understand,” he said.

For more information about the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College, call 805-730-4401 or click

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