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While we go through most of the year just trying to keep pace with the steady flow of social media posts, we often neglect some necessary digital marketing maintenance. While you are getting motivated to de-clutter your closet or garage, why not give your online presence its own spring cleaning as well?

Spring is the perfect time of year to review your social media platforms and give them that “fresh” spring feeling. Here are 10 quick and easy chores you can tackle today:

  • Change your passwords – Using the same password for multiple years on different platforms puts your organization at a higher risk of being hacked. Consider using a password manager such as LastPass or Google Passwords to keep track of these updated passwords.
  • Refresh your cover photo and/or profile picture – Chances are it has been months (or even years) since your organization’s profile picture or cover photo has been updated. When selecting new photos, be sure they are consistent with your brand and have the proper dimensions.
  • Edit profile descriptions – Check that the descriptions in your profiles are up-to-date with your organization’s current address, phone number, and mission statement.
  • Adjust Call-to-Action buttons – Facebook allows you to choose which call-to-action button you would like displayed on your homepage. Options include “Contact Us” “Call Now” “Sign Up” and “Send Email.” Be sure to select the button that is most relevant to your organization.
  • Add social media buttons: Social buttons or links to your organization’s website, blog and other social media platforms are a great way to generate more followers and increase cross-platform integration. Don’t forget to check that all links are current and active!
  • Add your organization’s website to all Pinterest Pins: If your organization is on Pinterest, an easy way to generate more website traffic is by linking all of your pins to your website. Simply click “Edit” on a pin and add the proper URL.
  • Replenish your stock photography: The public domain is great for finding some stock photography and graphics, but you can quickly exhaust the supply if it is your sole source of imagery. Consider scheduling a photo-shoot or buying an image pack from a site such as Shutterstock to freshen up your brand’s visuals.
  • Consider switching to a social media management platform: Sites such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social enable you to streamline your social media scheduling and engagement while providing analytics, reports, and other helpful tools.
  • Analyze your metrics: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all provide built-in analytics tools so you can easily track your organization’s progress towards goals. Check your data to see how your posts are performing, what engagement you are receiving, and insights about how to improve your pages.
  • Review your champions list: Re-evaluate who your true champions are and prioritize which community partners and individuals to engage with. De-cluttering your newsfeed will help you see the most important and relevant content first, and will aid in engagement.


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