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5 Instagram Blunders to Avoid in 2019

Instagram has come quite a ways since it first entered the stage in 2010. Starting as a photo-sharing social space, it has now grown into a crucial platform for businesses and nonprofits alike to share their product/services, initiatives, company culture, and mission....

6 Common Google Ads Mistakes

The world of paid search marketing is dominated by Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) followed distantly by Bing and Yahoo.[1] Here are 6 common mistakes we’re finding that organizations make with their Google Ads accounts, and how to fix them: These tips are for...

10 Tips for Nonprofit Social Media Success

A vast percentage of your audience is online. Social media is not only about reaching out to them – it’s about engaging them with timely messages that are relevant to them, that give them the opportunity to support the growth and success of your organization. Social media is now the top way to engage people where they spend their time online.

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