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Knowledge about Death Enriches Life

The late Gail Rink, my friend and former Executive Director of Hospice of Santa Barbara, used to say, “What is needed in this country is a ‘paradigm shift’ in our approach to facing and talking about death.”

David Spelberg: Valentine’s Day Can Be Most Painful of Holidays

There is a common psychological term called “trigger” or ‘triggering,” which basically refers to occurrences and associations that can re-ignite painful feelings or memories. One of the really beautiful thing about Valentines is that, in all its various forms, its always meant as a celebration of love.

SYV High School to Offer Bereavement Services

Hospice of Santa Barbara is partnering with Santa Ynez Valley Union High School to provide group and individual bereavement counseling free of charge to students on campus during school hours.

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