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The Sun genie helps local nonprofits get their wishes granted


Genies are mythical creatures most people associate with warm Arabian nights, not sparkling evergreen trees and the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But this year, the Sun staff decided that now is the perfect time to pull the cork on the genie bottle and grant some local nonprofits’ wishes, big and small.

So take a couple of minutes to peruse the following wish lists to see where you can lend a helping hand to some very noble causes.


The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

One of the best things about the holidays is the delicious food that comes with the season! Everyone loves cooking—or at least eating—dishes that come from a beloved family recipe or a crazy concoction from The Food Network. Sadly, not everyone can afford groceries during this time of the year or the whole year ’round.

That’s where the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County steps in, donating millions of meals to people in need each year—for free.

“A gift of food, funds, or volunteer assistance will impact one out of every four people in the county. Talk about a great value!” development manager Judith Monte said in an e-mail. “Here’s how it works: You give a cash gift and we partner it with major food donations for eight meals worth of food for every $1 given.”

Monte said gifts given in honor of special people are readily recognized and a great way to honor the person who has everything.  People can also play Santa by donating non-perishable food through a food drive, corporate challenge, or the like.

And people who are short of cash but willing to give their time can volunteer.

“We like to match people’s interests, skills, and availability with an appropriate need for a win-win relationship,” Monte said, adding that tasks include everything from handling food to administrative duties to event planning.

The Foodbank also needs a large off-site dry goods and cooler/freezer to periodically store large donations from corporations and the government.

For more information, or to make an online donation, visit, or call Monte at 937-3422, Ext. 106.



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