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Santa Barbara Unified School District

Last year, Roosevelt Elementary School fourth-grade student Jacob Mansbach decided to fundraise for the Foodbank as part of the Santa Barbara Triathlon. He raised more than $4,000. Jacob has been competing in triathlons since he was in second grade and he has competed in nine, so far.

This year, Jacob partnered with fellow student and friend sixth-grader Dario de Albergaria. Together they set two goals for themselves: to complete the Carpinteria Triathlon on September 29 and to raise $10,000 for the Foodbank. The funds help bring nutrition, as well as nutrition education, to 3,000 children in the county. The boys walked door-to-door in their neighborhoods to ask for donations, they volunteered to help Foodbank with summer programs for kids, and the highlight for them was when they were invited to speak to over 150 people at Foodbank’s fundraising event this summer.

They both competed in two triathlons: the Santa Barbara Triathlon and the Carpinteria Triathlon. They raised almost $13,000 for Foodbank.

Triathlons aren’t their only interest area. Dario surfs and plays the bass in two bands. Jacob surfs, swims, and is learning to speak Mandarin.

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