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SBCCCenter for Lifelong Learning Hosts Events & Lecture Series

Meredith Garofalo, KEYT NewsChannel 3 This Morning Meteorologist & Reporter, [email protected]

POSTED: 01:14 PM PST Jan 27, 2014


With the State of California recently declaring a drought emergency, water resource management is a high priority.


With California in a drought emergency, managing water usage remains a high priority, especially when it comes to landscaping.

“A lot of it is what I would consider is fairly wasteful,” said Jeff Adams from Watershed Management Group.  “To have big swaths of turf grass that nobody is out there playing or using for the purpose of the turf.”

Adams said turf grass, which might look good on your lawn, actually is a bad water guzzler.

“It uses way more water than naturally falls so it’s hard to keep it green and lush-looking like most people want,” Adams said.

Whether it’s your home or landscaping business, there are ways to make your outdoor décor look lush without wasting water.

There are simple solutions you can learn through a three-part program at the Santa Barbara Community College Center for Lifelong Learning.

“The techniques we’ll be showing in this class and demonstrating in this landscape will help both conserve water in times of drought as well as prevent storm water runoff and occlusion issues,” said Adams.

The class is $15 and will teach you lessons that, in addition to helping the environment, will help put money back in your wallet that you’ll save on your water bill.

“We can also address storm water pollution runoff issues, create more habitat and pollinator friendly landscapes and such like that,” said Adams.

“We’re hoping that a lot of people come and learn about how to put in water harvesting facilities in their own yards to help collect water,” said Andy Harper, executive director at the SBCCCenter for Lifelong Learning.

A great example of these water harvesting efforts is the college is actually going to rip out their current landscaping nd replace it with what’s needed to make it more water wise.

More information about the SBCCCenter for Lifelong Learning Water Harvesting Workshop can be found on CLL’s website as well as information for upcoming CLL Presents events. Participants can register at this site as well. 


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