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Noozhawk 2011noozhawk11-19-2013 10-08-40 AMMarsha Bailey, founder and CEO of Women’s Economic Ventures, accepts a first-year grant of $50,000 from George Leis, Union Bank’s executive vice president and regional president. (Women’s Economic Ventures photo)

By Candice Tang Nyholt for Women’s Economic Ventures | Published on 10.09.2013 4:00 p.m.

Women’s Economic Ventures is the proud recipient of a grant funded by the Union Bank Foundation to support small-business development.

The $150,000 grant (paid over three years) comes after the foundation recently announced grant funding, ranging from $25,000 to $100,000, for nearly 30 small-business technical assistance and homeownership counseling nonprofit organizations in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Union Bank Executive Vice President and Regional President George Leis presented the first-year grant of $50,000 to Women’s Economic Ventures founder and CEO Marsha Bailey during a ceremony at the WEV office in Santa Barbara. The grant will help Women’s Economic Ventures continue its work in the community and increase the scope and quality of services in low-to-moderate-income communities.

“This is corporate responsibility at its best and one of the most positive efforts we’ve experienced towards reviving the economy,” Bailey said. “This grant from the Union Bank Foundation will enable us to work with entrepreneurs to create businesses and jobs — especially for the low-income women that we serve.”

Since 1991, WEV has helped to create or expand more than 2,000 businesses, creating or retaining more than 3,000 local jobs through training, loans and other resources to help local women — and men — start or grow a business.

“Union Bank is committed to empowering small businesses with the tools they need for building and sustaining strong communities,” Leis said. “We continue to help businesses increase their revenue and the number of employees they hire.”

— Candice Tang Nyholt is a publicist representing Women’s Economic Ventures.


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