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Noozhawk 2011 RooseveltElementary_Noozhawk Roosevelt Elementary School students Jacob Mansbach and Dario de Albergaria complete the Carpinteria Triathlon on Sept. 29, also their deadline for raising $10,000 for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. In the end, they brought in $12,900. (Foodbank of Santa Barbara County photo)

After setting a summer fundraising goal of $10,000 for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, Jacob Mansbach and Dario de Albergaria hit their target and then blew right past it.

The boys surpassed their goal by nearly $3,000, raising a total of $12,900 by their Sept. 29 deadline — the date they participated in the Carpinteria Triathlon.

The Roosevelt Elementary School students reached two goals they set for themselves: to finish the Carpinteria Triathlon and to raise funds to help support Foodbank of Santa Barbara County programs and services.

Through hard work and dedication and with support from the community, Jacob and Dario proved successful in both. These critical funds raised will help roughly 3,000 children receive nutritious food and nutrition education, tools that can help them ultimately become healthier and better informed adults and parents of future generations.

By working together, these boys encouraged each other and inspired kids across the county to combine something they love to do with helping the people in their community.

Excited by the work of kids like Jacob and Dario, the Foodbank is in the planning stages for a new Kids for Foodbank Volunteer Program to provide opportunities for youth to become more involved with the community through volunteerism. The program will allow for kids of all ages to volunteer year round at Foodbank facilities and programs countywide.

The Kids for Foodbank Volunteer Program will also incorporate philanthropy and education, such as food literacy and public speaking workshops. There will also be opportunities for the entire family to volunteer together in “Family Philanthropy.” The program is slated to formally roll out in 2014.


— Candice Tang Nyholt is a publicist representing the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.


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